Interesting, but done weird misunderstandings/misrepresentations. They make Mastodon sound like a subset of secure scuttlebut, and @cwebber while shown in a photo, isn't even mentioned as having anything to dip with #activitypub.

@Blort @EC_NGI @cwebber @NGIZero

I do notice over the past few years that whenever "rabble" is a feature of a mainstream media piece, it is not short of inaccuracies, and has left me wondering what he is actually up to, if anything at all other than providing click-bait headlines.

@keith I agree there's no end of inaccuracies when people write about me... it's frustrating. I try my best to correct journalists, but honestly they're more concerned about the story and flow and spin of the article than anything else. This Forbes article actually had a person do fact checking! I think the problem is due to both the medium and economic model of commercial journalism.


oh. Hi there Evan. Long time..

Here's another example of an attention grabbing headline:

"A former Facebook engineer wants to help you make your own cell network."

The fact that facebook funded the (failed) opencellular project that Kashif worked on is irrelevant.


@keith Interesting, Did you see these folks? rhizomatica.org/what-we-do/ they're doing autonomous cell phone networks.

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