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From April 2017:

Six reasons Mastodon won't survive

According to a study done by :

Eight percent of (North American) internet users said they don't use the internet. Wait....

Actually interesting that from a sample of ~1000 people they found about half expressed desire to remove personal information from the Internet.

NordVPN's solution of course is to use a VPN 😉

Keith Whyte retooteado
Keith Whyte retooteado

Generally I post about managed hosting as this is the easiest way to create your own online services.

However, there are many projects out there trying to make non-managed hosting easier too: is a version of Linux that makes it as easy as possible to install your own services. Once @yunohost is installed on a server, it lets you add lots of online services ( very easily through a graphical interface.


#SelfHosting #HomeGrown #GrowYourOwn

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Fediverse shows that humanity lost their attention and some people live inside their screens. No doubt if you own many computers (or screens as I simple call it), you become an addict.

I become an addict in the 90s, and only the recent 5-6 years I realized my mistake.



Keith Whyte retooteado
Keith Whyte retooteado

After about 14 years of hard work bringing open source into cellular communications in #osmocom, at seemingly impossibly small budgets, it pains me a lot that we now have to turn down customers / funding for more open source due to lack of developer capacity :(

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Keith Whyte retooteado
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Keith Whyte retooteado

Bonne nouvelle (enfin !).

Le Parlement européen a voté pour des #batteries réparables et remplaçables dans tous les appareils électroniques grand public.

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Keith Whyte retooteado

You use a #FreeSoftware OS. From what age does a computer "gets old" for you?

#oldcomputers #retrocomputing

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Happy to see my recent work on introducing Gn interface (GTPv1-C) support in open5gs SMF has been merged upstream. This means open5gs can be now used to serve packet switched 2G and 3G networks too. Thanks to #sysmocom for providing means to fund this work.

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Keith Whyte retooteado

Decolonizing Circles Design

“we (still) live in a world dominated by the mythos of easy Google and easy Facebook. But the reality is that people invest a lot of time in learning these tools, because for many people, this is not an option but an obligation.” — Circles UBI Project

#Circles #DecolonialDesign #UBI #UI

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Yeah #Zoom, enlighten us:

Why is the freaking Zoom app listening to our microphone when we are not in a meeting?

"Because we are a #privacy and #security nightmare club that only care about the big bucks that your #surveillancecapitalism harvested data allows us to exploit."

This is of course not their answer, because being a wolf, why whould you talk to the sheep you have for breakfast?

Go good, go #FOSS !

Have a #Jitsi #BigBlueButton #Matrix or other proper tool.

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Mark Zuckerberg and team consider shutting down Facebook and Instagram in Europe if Meta cannot process Europeans' data on US servers.

My take in thread: 🧶

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English speaking friends: I'm looking to offer Spanish speaking folks free tech career advice chats, in case you know anybody's looking, would be much appreciated a share 🥰

Amiguetes! Quiero ofrecer charlas 1:1 por 30m para ofrecer consejos de carrera tech gratis.

Si te interesa aprender a programar, ser independiente, encontrar trabajo, dar charlas de conferencia, etc. hablemos!

Mandame un DM y hacemos hora 💜

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The Dutch non-profit Land van Ons (Land of Us) sent a letter to Murk Zorkerburg: "Please stay the hell of our lawn with your hyperscale datacenters", and will send these letters to the other FAANG, GAFAM, GMAFIA.

The Dutch are way behind on sustainable energy, and these #BigTech are building data centers where each single one of them consumes the energy equivalence of a city like Amsterdam.

Here's the PDF of that letter:

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