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„Search engines are far from passive components of the web, they construct a selective new reality – and obscure more than they show […]", says Michiel Leenaars, Director of Strategy at @nlnetlabs.

Friday is international #FreeWebSearch Day, an annual day of action to promote free, open and transparent internet search. Join the activities and free webinars:

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Project manager: "What's technical debt? Explain it to me like I'm 6 years old"


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Oh, we have a new home page on

It should be contrasted enough.
Some links may be missing still, but we’re working on it…


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If your web app doesn’t work in Firefox, you didn’t make a web app. You made a Chrome app. Take “web developer” off your résumé and replace it with “Google developer”

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"No one would do anything if they wasn't paid!"

Yesterday 150 locals alongside a variety of public bodies, local orgs and special interest groups cleaned up some 2000 tyres, up to 100 trolleys, and a fridge out of the River Ogmore in Wales.

Anarchism is this, normalised.

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@RL_Dane @tilvids

Fair enough. I try not to be a zealot but it is increasingly apparent that we need to break from big tech and support those FLOSS projects we love. We are || this close from being the equivalent of Gap on Mainstreet in terms of tech biodiversity.

Baby steps...I increasingly feel there are two 'tech' consumers...and convenience is tough to beat 😞

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@sam only $300k?
#ICANN really lowered the prices...

I remember when it was like $1M non-refundable application fee and $100k per year maintenance fee...

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Wer noch alte Laptops, Computer oder Smartphones zuhause rumliegen hat kann sie auch spenden.

Die Wartelisten sind lang und es sind nur wenige Geräte da.

#computertruhe #boostme

: All instances are equal, but some are more equal than others.

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In Oct 2009 I ran spontaneously behind the Google Streetview car on Borsigstrasse Berlin. One year later the Streetview pictures were published by Google and my action became a performance piece. I called it “15 Seconds Of Fame“. I could be found on the service for a very long time, for almost 14 years. Google never updated the picture set because there were big discussions over privacy questions in Germany back then. But couple weeks ago, on July 25th 2023 Google ran an update and I disappeared from the service. „15 seconds of fame“ turned into almost 15 years ;)) The work is finally complete.

#15secondsoffame #arambartholl #2009-2023 #google #streetview #germany

are not our communities.!

Humans lives in communities. We join them, we sometimes leave them. Social networks should only be an underlying infrastructure to support our communities. Social networks are not our communities.

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#OFFDEM will take place next to #FOSDEM next year.
A small group of folks are gathering to organize a nice cosy family event again. Thanks to @how and @natacha and their teams for organizing the last ediitons.

Orga is slowly forming and it is an early stage announcement. So, if you want to join for orga, we will start soonish :)

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