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I'm so super happy to announce that OFFDEMo3 programme is online, it will be great to see you there on february 4-5

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We have train tickets at reduced fare for #Berlin#Brussels

03/02 at 10:46 Berlin → Brussels
06/02 at 10:24 Brussels → Berlin
€117.80 seat reservation included

Anyone interested?

Boosts appreciated.

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Microsoft and Google are both making investor noises along with their recent layoffs that they're going to be refocusing their efforts on "AI" and as a user of both Microsoft and Google products I am feeling absolute dread about what monstrosities MS and Google are going to label "AI", shove in my face, and make it extremely difficult for me to turn off

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“The #fediverse is like #email.”


Now read this and understand it:

“I have been self-hosting my email since I got my first broadband connection at home in 1999 … But my emails are just not delivered anymore. I might as well not have an email server.

Email is now an oligopoly, a service gatekept by a few big companies which does not follow the principles of net neutrality … I lost. We lost. One cannot reliably deploy independent email servers.“

Via @cancel

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Poor countries are not “under-developed”, they are over-exploited.

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@jakintosh well, we had this vanguard in the days when all social media was federated, Usenet, email, Inc, etc, and where it led was here.

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💬 It’s going from bad to worse for Meta. 
"Meta faces €390 million in fines and must find a new legal route to targeted ads, while the Irish regulator is suing the EU data protection body over claims of ‘overreach.’ "

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Yeah, it's like, why even bother? We all know Big Brother is watching, so why not just embrace it? Let's make our own search engine and make it better than theirs! Or, you know, just go about our lives and do something more productive. #YOLO!

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The downside of working from home is you get used to going places in the middle of the workday when nobody's around. Then the holidays happen, and everything is just nightmare fuel. Went down to the pool to go for a swim and there was like 200 people there. Never noped out of somewhere so fast in my life.

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the sad reality of open source software development

In short: folks love the amazing decentralised encrypted comms utopia of Matrix. But organisations also love that they can use it without having to pay anyone to develop or maintain it. This is completely unsustainable, and Element is now literally unable to fund the entirety of the Matrix Foundation on behalf of everyone else - and has had to lay off some of the folks working on the core team as a result.

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"mastodon would be a lot cooler if you were more analytics-friendly" is the "you'd be a lot prettier if you smiled" of the fediverse

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I think I am ready to leave #academia.
I’ll add this to my #NewYearResolutions list, which I have never made before. There’s always a first time.

"The diverging paths of life are hidden under the fog of the future, you can't plan the route and then fail to follow it, because there is no map..."

On setting a for the , or even just for the

(via @the_duke - video link modified)

It's that time of the year to think about .

Rather than talking to the voice in my head about it 🙂, to come up with things that probably last till 3pm on Jan 1, how about we do some collective brainstorming and come up with some (critical) mass action!

Who's game to ?
Proposal: discuss ways to reduce screen time, as in

* Try to make one day per 7 days, not necessarily the same day every week, which is 100% computer and device free.

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Just 20 years ago, cars could freely enter and park in Delft’s historic core.

Then a center-left coalition narrowly (19-18 votes) passed an autoluwe binnenstad (‘low-car city center’) policy.

Now not a single resident or merchant misses the days when cars choked their streets.

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I really think we need to reject the term "content creator."

That phrase is used by people who aim to Monetize™ us without needing to care about what it is we create. A "content creator" is there to make the stuff that attracts people so they can be fed advertising.

Call us what we are. Artists. Essayists. Film makers. Authors. Photographers. And so many others. We are creators, yes, but what we create has so much value beyond filling otherwise empty space on a website.


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