These are some made from pine-needles by the cooperative "Anhelas" in , that are looking to be able to finance themselves the autonomous radio tower that we installed in their community.

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Here's one of our experimental and combination with TX-PRO sector antenna in (I didn't "tidy" the wiring - it wasn't me!!)

The women's cooperative wants to purchase the unit themselves, given that the local authority is apparently against it. Me, I'm torn as always. The phones will be leaking data to the likes of meta and 💩gle but the people need to be in touch! Anyway it's up to them, let's see what happens!

A sample of the top DNS queries from the phones connected to -ac community network over the last few days.


I don't know how many minds I am in about the presence of this thing in the lab, but I suppose I will do setup this week and test performamce for - latency, jitter, packet loss and such.

"Firefox won't work unless you enable...."
It has been a while since I have seen this (inaccurate) message for any app.

First time I've seen it for and it happens as a result of opening a github link to unsub from a repo somebody subbed me to.
Does anybody know what is happening here?

Telecomunicaciones Indígenas Comunitarias

Servidor experimental para I+D en Intranets.